Ride Information

The Joliet Bicycle Club (JBC) has multiple sources for scheduling rides and other events. Just notify the Ride List Chairperson at least 1 week prior to a new month.

The Monthly Ride List and the Events Calendar gives a day by day listing of all regularly scheduled events.

JBC has a list-server with Google Groups where rides/events can be published to the membership via an email Ad Hoc. The Ad Hoc should contain all the necessary information needed by potential riders. Click Here to download an Ad Hoc Template.  Preferably we’d like to have all Ad Hoc events posted at least 12 hours prior to the start of the event.

JBC also has a Monthly Newsletter where information about upcoming events can be listed in conjunction with the other 2 forms of communication listed above.

You can also occasionally find event information on the JBC Facebook Page.

Guidelines for participating and/or scheduling rides and events can be found in the Members Handbook.


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