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Ride Leaders  

Many of our rides have a club member who serves as the ride leader. Ride leaders can have their rides posted on the Ride List and the Events Calendar or on the Google Groups List-server. The ride posting includes the name and phone number of the ride leader. The ride leader determines the starting location, pace/speed, distance and route for the ride.

Rides that do not have a ride leader, are designated as a “Show & Go”, and a contact person is listed on the Ride List and the Events Calendar. When participating in a Show & Go, a variety of riders may show up. They will then determine the distance and speed level for the ride. Sometimes they will split into different groups depending on their riding preferences.

JBC prides itself on taking care of new members by ensuring they don’t ride alone. One of our riders is always willing to ride with a newer member. We request that you choose rides with a listed speed/pace that’s within your abilities and you’re comfort level.

Anyone can and should be a ride leader. The more ride leaders, the more variety in our rides. If you don’t see a ride that you prefer, please feel free to create your own ride and become a ride leader.

It’s a very simple process. All you have to do is contact the ride chairperson by email or by phone. Let him/her know the date, starting time and place, type, speed level and the approximate mileage of the ride. Then the ride will be posted to the Ride List and the Events Calendar. You can also post an Ad-hoc ride using the JBC Google Groups list-server at least 12 hours prior to the event. Check out the route beforehand and show up on the day of the ride to lead the group.

Before the ride begins, have the riders sign in on the ride form. That way you get to know who everyone is and you’ll have a ready-made list to send to the statistician for mileage collection.

Invitational Rides

The 4th of July Ride is a single day local event that commonly draws over 1,000 riders from all over the Midwest. It’s held on the actual day of the holiday (July 4) each year and has a variety of distances to choose from. Every rider who participates in the 4th of July event will enjoy well planned routes, well marked roads, and a great variety of food/drink to keep you energized.

Assortment of Other Activities

The club provides other methods of entertainment and exercise throughout the year. A Christmas Walk and Chili Cook-off occur in the winter. Hiking, cross country skiing, volleyball games and roller-skating are just some of the other extracurricular activities that keep us nimble.


As a JBC member, you will receive an electronic monthly Newsletter. The newsletter is published 10 (or more) times a year. JBC has a Facebook Page that all members can use. We also have a Google Groups list-server to distribute emails to the entire membership. Please continue to check the JBC website for any updates.

General Meetings

JBC meetings are held on the second Monday of specific months at 7:00 pm. We meet at Pizza For U, located at 116 S. Larkin Ave, Joliet, IL 60436, except for the November meeting which is held at the location of the club annual banquet.

Members can discuss rides and social events, pick up brochures for rides sponsored by other organizations and non members are always welcome. The meetings may have guest speakers with bicycling oriented topics, and pizza is usually served after the meeting.

Member Handbook

Download (JBC-Members-Handbook_3_23_2019.pdf)


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