JBC Bike Donation

Ashley Montgomery is a young lady who lives in the Kankakee area and has been battling cancer for most of her life and this has left Ashley physically unable to ride a standard bicycle.

The Joliet Bicycle Club proudly presented Ashley with a brand new BRIGHT GREEN trike on Tuesday May 3rd 2016 at Tern of the Wheel bicycle shop in Bradley, IL.   Diane Walsh a JBC member who proposed the idea to the club said “The trike was a great opportunity for her to be able to get out in the fresh air and sunshine, enable her do something we all know is fun and exhilarating, and participate in activities with her friends and family. These are things that she has been unable to do for all of these years, during treatments, some at St Jude, for extended periods of time”.

Steve Linneman owner of Tern of the Wheel bicycle shop worked with JBC in fitting the trike to Ashley, making sure the proper accessories were installed and diligently work to keep the costs with in JBC’s budget. Tern of the Wheel bicycle shop is a regular stop for many JBC members in keeping their bicycles in tip top shape for those many miles they ride each year.  Steve Linneman also treated us to a tour of the shop, a private viewing of some of his special bikes, and we all received a warm welcome from the Tern of the Wheel dogs.  A wonderful trio of K9’s that were very friendly, ever ready to gobble up any treat that were available, and were particularly well trained at lounging on the leather sofa in the shop!

A group of JBC members, Ashley’s family, Lisa Gibbons (Diane and Jim’s daughter) and the crew at Tern of the Wheel were in   attendance for the presentation of her new BRIGHT GREEN Trike to Ashley.

Thanks to all the JBC members and the crew at Tern of the Wheel that made this donation possible.

All in all a great day!

Tern of the Wheel Bicycle shop is located at:
404 W. Broadway
Bradley, IL 60915